A downloadable game for Windows

Light in the dark is a 2D platformer style tower defense game where you assume the role of Angelille Millennium an angel with a host of unique friends. Phantoms have been appearing around town causing fear and terrorizing the locals so it's up to Angie and company to stop them.

This has been an idea of mine for a while and I'm glad I joined this jam to get a good start on it it's all still very early but I'm happy with progress so far. A lot of work still needs to be done but enjoy for now and keep an eye peeled for updated and hey ... thanks.

Stay Cool and spooky ~Noodles


Movement: (WASD or Arrow Keys)

Right Mouse: Flashlight Activation

MiddleMouse: Dodge Roll

Spacebar: Jump (tap to double Jump)

(tap twice in either direction in air to preform an Air Dash)

Talk to NPC: E (regular conversation) or Q (For Special Menu)

Open player Menu: M

Known issues
Flying enemies, no seriously lke if you bump a mob sometimes it'll fly off (issue to be resolved in next update.)

Install instructions

Download and click the .exe works right out of the box.


Light In The Dark v000.rar 14 MB
Light In The Dark v001.rar 9 MB